H2S Monitoring

A new method for monitoring H2S in process and emission applications is  now introduced. The method is  using OPSIS Hot Wet Extractive system in combination with a new converter. With this converter, H2S is converted into other substances that can easily be measured with OPSIS UV DOAS system. No SO2 scrubber is needed and the system can monitor all other relevant gases by using a separate optical path.Hot Wet Extractive Video
The method has used ambient air SO2 analysers and dilution extractive. Many of us has experienced application problems with these installations.

OPSIS is now introducing a new method for monitoring of H2S. The OPSIS Hot Wet Extractive system is used in combination with a new converter. H2S is simply converted into other components that are easily measured with OPSIS UV DOAS. No scrubber is needed and the system can monitor all other gases using a separate optical path.

Besides monitoring H2S, a single System 400HWE can measure other relevant gases for CEM applications such as NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, CO, CO2, HCl, HF, N2O, CH4, H2O, O2, and Hg. OPSIS monitoring systems have been tested and approved by a number of internationally recognized institutes and authorities. 

UV DOAS System 400 Hot Wet Extractive monitoring system for H2S monitoring

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