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No Need for Redundant Systems

No Need for Redundant Systems

Gas concentration monitoring is not always an easy task. In the ideal world, a monitoring system needs no maintenance, it is infinitely fail-safe, and it operates impeccable irrespectively of the conditions of the gas.

However, then reality hits the system with more or less frequent maintenance needs, aggressive, dust-laden and wet gas mixtures clogging sampling lines and filters and contaminating measurement cells, and unscheduled repairs with long lead times on spare parts. This can be of great concern if continuous and accurate gas monitoring is a first priority. As a result, some instrument buyers by default ask for redundant systems. The added cost both for the initial purchase and the subsequent maintenance is believed to be a necessary price to pay for data availability.

However, it does not have to be like this. It is just a matter of choosing the right type of system, for example a system based on OPSIS open-path gas analysers. The OPSIS monitoring systems are based on the proven in-situ measurement approach, where no samples are taken and no sampling lines, filters, valves, or cells can fail. The systems also have the longest maintenance intervals on the market, and track records show very reliable hardware performance. If worst comes to worst and something still breaks down, swift service is often available just around the corner through some of OPSIS many representatives around the globe.

Feel free to contact OPSIS if you are looking for one affordable, reliable and accurate gas monitoring system!

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