Gas Monitoring System Offers

Are you looking for a gas monitoring system? Look no further. OPSIS offers several models of gas analysers, which alone or in combination can provide the system you need, whether it is for ambient air quality monitoring (AQM), continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) or process control applications. A single monitoring unit can often provide measurements of the concentration of multiple gaseous compounds.

OPSIS’ gas analysers are predominantly based on optical measurement methods, allowing contact-free measurements with no need for extraction of any gas samples. This secures a reliable and accurate measurement performance, with very low maintenance costs. Measurement methods include UV DOAS, FTIR DOAS and TDL, and the analysers can easily be combined with other types of monitoring equipment and other sensors to form a fully-featured gas monitoring system solution, perfect for the relevant application.

Whether used for AQM, CEM or process control applications, the systems can be swiftly integrated in their environment via the Internet or via standardized industrial communication protocols. This allows access to data both for real-time monitoring needs and for storage and subsequent studies and reporting. To facilitate this, OPSIS offers a complete range of software products for communication, data presentation and analysis.

You don’t even have to own and take care of the gas monitoring system on your own: OPSIS and its network of distributors can often install and operate the system for you, providing the quality assured monitoring results to you as a subscription service.

The OPSIS gas monitors and the resulting gas monitoring systems have been tested and approved

 by internationally recognized institutes and authorities, such as U.S. EPA, German TÜV and British MCERTS.

OPSIS has over the years provided thousands of gas monitoring systems to customers around the world, for a multitude of different applications. OPSIS and its representatives will help you design, install and maintain the gas monitoring system you need.