Dimethylamine - (CH3)2NH

Dimethylamine is an organic compound and has the chemical formula (CH3)2NH. It is a colourless, flammable gas with an odour similar to ammonia. 

It is used as a precursor to several industrial compounds. 

The major hazards of dimethylamine are fire and inhalation.


Molecular weight 45.08 g/mol

Gaseous phase Gas density (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)): 1.94 kg/m3

Solid phase Latent heat of fusion (1.013 bar at melting point): 131.8 kJ/kg

Liquid phase Liquid density (1.013 bar at boiling point): 670.8 kg/m3

Critical point Critical temperature: 164.6 °C
 Critical pressure: 53.12 bar