OPSIS EnviMan Cloud

To run a computer server can be complicated and costly. The OPSIS EnviMan Cloud moves the data handling outside of the IT department. We simply run the customers’ servers at OPSIS. The customer can log in via the web and access the data and calculations. We take care of the IT infrastructure, updates, etc. The customer can focus on the data.

The handling of monitoring data can be time-consuming and costly, due to maintaining data servers, storage disks, firewalls, IT department restrictions, backups, etc. OPSIS EnviMan Cloud (OEMC) offers a simple way to access, protect, and store data.
OPSIS EnviMan Cloud allows the user to access, analyze, and protect data, without having to care about maintenance or hardware or software upgrades. Instead, the customer can focus on the data.

With OPSIS EnviMan Cloud, data is sent from the monitoring station to the OPSIS EnviMan Cloud using the WT256 Web Transfer. Data is validated and stored on OPSIS data servers in the OEMC. The customer can receive the data by file transfer from the OPSIS EnviMan Cloud.

Data is handled in the OPSIS EnviMan Cloud by using the full EnviMan set of softwares and a dedicated server for the customer. Predefined graphs and reports can be produced in the OPSIS EnviMan Cloud, and sent to the customer.


  • Cost for data transfer is minimized by using the Internet.
  • Access to data by using standard web browser.
  • Reports and graphs are produced in the OEMC, ready to be imported in the presentation and on web sites.
  • Dedicated server solution with the EnviMan software package and realtime data by using the
  • EnviMan Host terminal server.
  • Runs on a yearly service fee. No investments are required.
  • No involvement for the IT department.