Real Driving Emissions

There are many cars that have a large impact on the environment in many places around the world. The emissions from fossil fuel cars are too high, and previous test methods have not given the full picture.

Tests in a laboratory has, so far, been made indoors, in laboratories, and they do not match the reality, as they do not take into account the real driving conditions. Therefore, we have developed an accurate and reliable monitoring system that can measure the emissions in real life conditions. Based on our core method - the DOAS technique - the OPSIS RDE system measures car emissions during a drive and gives the result needed for further action.

A Flexible System 

The system is flexible and monitors car emissions from all types of fuel. Diesel fuel cars usually emit higher levels of nitrogen oxide and particles. Normally, petrol fuel cars emit higher levels of carbon dioxide as well as particles. 

The OPSIS system measures exactly how much during the drive. One system can measure all relevant gaseous compounds with one analyser. The system includes GPS for tracking of the trip and a flow monitor.  

A Safe System

It is a safe system because no exhaust gas is led into the car during the measurement. The monitoring of exhausts is done outside the car. 

Easy to Handle

The system is easy to handle. The instrument is mounted on the rear of the vehicle and measure the real driving emissions during an ordinary drive. The result is available directly after the test drive.

With the increasing environmental demands, cars need better cleaning equipment. If the emission levels are too high, they can be reduced. Old fossil fuel cars could be upgraded to get lower exhaust emissions and then be re-certified with the real driving emissions method. This is important, also for the decision-makers who set the rules and the limit values for environmental zones. Reliable monitoring data is vital and facilitates the procedure. 

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