Real Driving Emissions Monitors

Monitor real emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engines

Emissions from internal combustion engine-driven vehicles create bad air in many parts of the world. Tests against limit values ​​have traditionally been carried out in laboratories and it has been possible for vehicle manufacturers to optimise emissions after the test procedure, with less regard for emissions in real use. To get around this, a standard called 'Real Driving Emissions' (RDE) has been introduced, which measures actual emissions.


The OPSIS RD100 is an RDE monitor for all types of internal combustion engine-based vehicles, regardless of the type of fuel. It is based on OPSIS' well-proven DOAS products. The exhaust gases from the vehicle are led from the exhaust pipe to a measurement cell mounted on the outside of the vehicle. Inside the cell, the concentrations of, for example, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, NH3, and CH4 can be monitored with DOAS technology, after which the exhaust gases are led out to the surrounding air. At the same time, a flow meter measures the volume of exhaust gas passing through. An optical fiber guides the light from the measurement cell to an analyser of the type AR600, AR620, or AR650 which is placed inside the vehicle.

Gas concentrations, flow, temperature, humidity, and pressure are recorded together with the vehicle's position and speed. After a completed drive, monitoring data can be retrieved from the system and the vehicle's actual emissions in mg/km or g/km can be calculated.


The OPSIS RD100 is safe for operators as no exhaust gases are directed into the cabin. It is also easy to handle with simple mounting of the measurement cell on the outside of the car. The RD100 has its own battery that can keep the system running for several hours. Together with the practically free flow of exhaust gases through the measuring cell, the RDE monitoring therefore have minimal impact on the vehicle and the monitoring results.


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Real Driving Emissions

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