Tetrafluoromethane - CF4

Tetrafluoromethane is the simplest of fluor carbons and is used, for example, in the electronics industry for semiconductor manufacturing. It has the chemical formula CF4 and it has the strongest bonds in organic chemistry.

The major hazards are high pressure and suffocation.


  • Molecular weight:

    88.01 g/mol

  • Gaseous phase:

    Gas density (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)): 3.72 kg/m3

  • Solid phase:

    Melting point: -184 °C

  • Liquid phase:

    Boiling point (1.013 bar): -127.94 °C
    Liquid density (1.013 bar at boiling point): 1603 kg/m3

  • Critical point:

    Critical temperature: -45.45 °C
    Critical pressure: 37.43 bar