Propane - C3H8

Propane is a colourless and flammable gas. It occurs in natural gas, camping gas, and motor gas. It is also used to calibrate environmental emissions monitoring.

The major hazard of propane is fire.


  • Molecular weight:

    44.096 g/mol

  • Gaseous phase:

    Gas density (1.013 bar at boiling point): 2.417 kg/m3
    Gas density (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)): 1.8988 kg/m3

  • Solid phase:

    Melting point: 187.68 °C

  • Liquid phase:

    Boiling point (1.013 bar): -42.11 °C
    Liquid density (1.013 bar at boiling point): 580.99 kg/m3

  • Critical point:

    Critical temperature: 96.74 °C
    Critical pressure: 42.51 bar
    Critical density: 220.48 kg/m3