Chlorine - Cl2

Chlorine (Cl2) is a very reactive element and does not exist naturally in nature. It can be used in many different applications like drinking and swimming water purification and pulp bleaching.

The major hazards of Cl2 are inhalation and body contact.


  • Molecular weight:

    70.906 g/mol

  • Gaseous phase:

    Gas density (1.013 bar at boiling point): 3.71 kg/m3
    Gas density (1.013 bar and 15 °C (159 °F)): 3.04 kg/m3

  • Solid phase:

    Melting point: - 101 °C

  • Liquid phase:

    Boiling point (1.013 bar): -34.1 °C
    Liquid density (1.013 bar at boiling point): 1562.5 kg/m3

  • Critical point:

    Critical temperature: 144 °C
    Critical pressure: 77 bar