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High NOx Emissions from Diesel Cars

High NOx Emissions from Diesel Cars

It is time to sell your diesel car.
In a few years you will not be able to use it in a city.

The real drive emissions measurements from passenger cars are giving astonishing results. A new diesel car has 10 times higher NOx emissions compared to a petrol car.
Even worse, the NOx emitted from the diesel car is up to 50% emitted as NO2. The NOx emitted from a petrol car is only a few % emitted as NO2.

Many cities are breaking the health standards for NO2 concentrations. Many lives are lost due to  high levels of NO2 in the cities. An easy way to reduce the NO2 levels will be to forbid diesel cars.

- NOx is the sum of NO and NO2.
- NO is formed during combustion.
- A higher temperature will generate more NO.
- NO will react with Ozone in the atmosphere to form NO2. This process is limited by the amount of Ozone.
- NO can also be catalytically transformed to NO2. This is happening directly in a diesel car.
- NO is not regulated as an air pollution.
- NO2 is regulated and considered dangerous for human health.

NOx Emissions - weight per km