Gas Analyser

OPSIS offers several gas analyser models. Most of them are based on optical measurement methods and most of them are capable of monitoring two or more different gaseous compounds using the same gas analyser unit.

The first type of OPSIS gas analyser developed was the UV DOAS instrument. This is still the predominant type gas analyser being applied both for ambient air quality monitoring (AQM), continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) and process control applications.

The UV DOAS instrument covers most needs for gas concentration measurements in AQM applications. Here, you rarely need another types of gas analyser. You get superb monitoring performance for multiple gases using a single analyser.

A UV DOAS instrument can also measure several gaseous compounds of typical interest in CEM/process control applications, and it may give you all you need there too. However, here it is more common to find measurement requirements also calling for a different type of gas analyser: the FTIR DOAS instrument. It gives just as superb measurement performance on “IR gases” as the UV DOAS gives on “UV gases”. By combining a UV and an FTIR DOAS instrument, you get optimum performance for both “UV gases” and “IR gases”.

As an alternative to in particular the FTIR DOAS instrument, OPSIS also offers a type of gas analyser based on tuneable diode lasers (TDLs): the LD500. The LD500 is mostly used in process control applications. Its performance is comparable to the FTIR DOAS instrument, but it is often more cost efficient when measuring only one or a few gases in two or more monitoring locations.

The OPSIS O2000 oxygen monitor differs from the other types of gas analysers. It is a single-gas (i.e. oxygen) analyser only, based on a zirconia cell. It provides a very cost-efficient supplement to the other types of gas analysers, but it can it can also be used stand-alone on its own merits.

The OPSIS range of gas analysers have been tested and approved by a number of internationally recognized institutes and authorities, such as US EPA, German TÜV and British MCERTS.

Please, contact your OPSIS representative to find out which type of OPSIS gas analyser will be best for your application. No matter what gas monitoring need you have, OPSIS will have the gas analyser to fulfil that need.