Air Quality Monitors and other AQM Products

air quality monitorOPSIS is a leading supplier of ambient air quality monitors and associated products and services, throughout the world.

Already back in the 1980s, OPSIS developed its first air quality monitor based on the open-path DOAS measurement principle, where gaseous air pollutants are detected and monitored based on optical absorption in the ultraviolet wavelength region. The DOAS technology has ever since been the centre of OPSIS product portfolio, although the range of monitors has been extended to also include many other types of instruments such as tuneable diode lasers, particulate monitors, and meteorological sensors.

Today, OPSIS is a one-stop-shop for virtually any need you may have within ambient air quality monitoring (AQM); whether it’s about detecting traditional air quality indicators such as sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and PM10, or more specialized gases pertaining to actual or potential sources of air pollution such as petrochemical industries and other industrial production facilities. Combined with sensors for e.g. temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, solar radiation and precipitation, OPSIS can give you full knowledge and thereby control of the air you breathe.

And not only does OPSIS provide the instruments for ambient air quality monitoring, but we offer complete system solutions. This includes permanent and mobile monitoring stations for full surveillance of the air quality and the meteorological conditions. It also includes data collection, data storage and data transfer based on state-of-the-art communication and network solutions, as well as software products for data presentation and analysis. We also offer software for managing emission databases enabling air quality simulation and back-tracking of monitored pollutants to their sources.

You don’t even have to own and take care of the air quality monitoring systems on your own: OPSIS and its network of distributors can often install and operate the monitoring network for you, providing the quality assured monitoring results to you as a subscription service.

Ambient air quality monitors have been at the heart of OPSIS’ business for the past thirty plus years, and it will be so for many years to come.