Oxygen Monitor O2000

Oxygen MonitorThe OPSIS O2000 oxygen monitor is designed to monitor oxygen concentrations in industrial applications such as continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) and process control. It has been given a ruggedized design (IP65 protection) allowing it to operate under tough conditions in aggressive flue gas environments. 
Measurements are made using the well-established zirconia (zirconium dioxide) sensor principle where a difference of oxygen concentration across a solid electrolyte causes an electric current to flow. The current is detected and amplified, yielding the oxygen concentration. It’s a proven and reliable measurement principle.

The in-situ monitoring means that there is no need for any gas extraction system that could clog or cause other problems during operation. OPSIS O2000 is straight-forward and therefore reliable, requiring a minimum of maintenance.

The oxygen monitor consists of a probe inserted in the flue gas, and a control unit. The probe is heated and supplied with ambient air providing a reference oxygen level. A second gas channel leading to the zirconia sensor can be used for quick and precise calibration of the oxygen monitor. The control unit processes the current signal and provides the oxygen concentration to a receiving unit. It also continuously monitor probe performance and initiates regular self-checks. A user interface in the control unit allows for configuration and manually initiated calibrations. Regularly recurring, automatic calibration sequences can also be configured.

A complete OPSIS emissions monitoring system often includes the OPSIS O2000 oxygen monitor combined with OPSIS’ other monitoring equipment such as its UV- and FTIR-DOAS gas analysers and other system components. However, the oxygen monitor can also be used on a stand-alone basis in applications where the oxygen concentration is the only monitoring parameter of interest.

The oxygen monitor has been tested and approved by a number of internationally recognized institutes and authorities, such as German TÜV and British MCERTS. It meets the European directives, and is approved according to EN15267.

The OPSIS O2000 oxygen monitor is the simple answer to your oxygen measurement needs.

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