You probably want to have your data from your air quality monitoring network or your emissions monitoring instruments at your fingertips, or more precisely on a screen in front of you. However, to get it there in a safe and secure way can be a challenge. To configure and operate a computer network for this task with servers, switches, firewalls, authentication, authorization, backups, updates, etc., can be complicated and costly.

PresentationThe OPSIS Data Services (ODS) saves you all this trouble. OPSIS takes care of all IT infrastructure issues, up to your own Internet connection. All you need is a device with an Internet connection, and your data can be there in front of you (as shown to the right), in real time if you so wish.

OPSIS Data Services (ODS) is a subscription-based service. With ODS, data is sent from the monitoring instruments to the OPSIS in-house ODS servers using the WT256 Web Transfer and secure transfer protocols. Data is stored in a safe way. You can log in and access your data at any time, from anywhere, on any device connected to the Internet and having a standard web browser. You can focus on analyzing your data and use it for reporting, public information, as a planning tool, or for any other purpose you wish.

Auto validationIn the “Extended” version of ODS, you also get features such as configurable alarms, power to do calculations, auto-validation of data (as shown to the right), and data export possibilities.

Standard ODS Features:

  • Data transfer from instruments/monitoring stations
  • Data collection and storage on in-house ODS servers
  • Flexible access to data with multiple presentation options
  • Subscription-based service – all costs are known from start
  • Follows the requirements of the information security standard ISO 27001

AlarmExtended ODS Features, in addition:

  • Alarms functions (as shown to the right)
  • Calculations
  • Automatic data validation
  • Functions for data export
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