Palm Oil Plants

Make more out of your mill. OPSIS tested and approved monitoring systems provide cost-effective and reliable on-line monitoring of several gas compounds, such as both high and low concentrations of methane, water vapour, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, at several locations.

The OPSIS LD500 TDL system are based on a tunable laser diode analyser, which contains one or several laser modules, depending on the gas compounds to be monitored. The light from the laser modules is sent through optical fibre cable to one or more measurement locations, where an Emitter and Receiver are mounted on the stack or duct to be measured.

Since the system is using a non-contact, cross duct monitoring solution, no parts of the optical components or the analyser is in contact with the gas. No filters, pumps or gas treatment systems are required, resulting in an almost maintenance free solution. The emitter/receiver system is also available for hazardous areas, with certificate.


  • Installed, audited and verified references for CDM projects
  • Integrated data monitoring and management system
  • Secure data storage for compliance with CDM requirements
  • Optical non-contact monitoring (no sampling)
  • Correct wet basis measurement for mass emission calculations
  • Accurate monitoring of CH4 in %(vol), ppm and ppb levels
  • Multi-gas and multi-path capabilities
  • Operates with a minimum of maintenance
  • Extensive QA/QC for accurate performance and reporting
  • Fast return of investment

    System Overview

    TDL monitoring systems for palm oil plants

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