Products CEM/Process

OPSIS is a leading supplier of continuous emissions monitors as well as other types of industrial gas analysers and associated products and services, throughout the world.

When OPSIS developed its first ambient air quality monitor in the 1980s, it was realized that the same open-path DOAS measurement principle also could be used to detect gaseous compounds in industrial applications; both for continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) and for process control. The DOAS technology has ever since been in the centre of OPSIS CEM product portfolio; nowadays supplemented by many other types of instruments such as tuneable diode lasers and zirconia oxygen sensors.

OPSIS has today become a source for virtually any need you may have within the field of CEM and process control; whether it’s about monitoring of emissions from power plants and waste incinerators, or more specialized applications such as monitoring of exhausts from marine engines and providing control parameters in EEx-classed zones. OPSIS can also provide supplementary sensors of temperature, pressure, gas flow, dust concentrations and similar process-related parameters, thereby being able to supply you with whatever gaseous-related information you may ask for in your industrial applications.

OPSIS offers a wide range of signal handling options to control the monitoring and to make the results available, from traditional hard-wired current loops to modern Ethernet-based industrial communication buses. OPSIS also has a range of dataloggers and software products making it easy to gather data, do advanced calculations of gaseous emissions, and to report the results. Data from emissions monitors can also be fed to emission databases and used for air quality simulation and comparisons with ambient air quality data.

Reliability and total-cost-of-ownership are key words when it comes to gas monitoring in industrial applications, and OPSIS is proud to provide instruments showing very good performance in these areas; as proven by numerous references and certificates. The gas analysers are easy to operate and require very low maintenance; thereby showing excellent performance not only on the monitoring as such, but also with respect to total running costs.

OPSIS is a reliable and stable supplier. For the past four decades, we have provided continuous emissions monitors to a wide range of industrial applications and we are happy to provide instruments to meet your monitoring needs.