System 400Hg

Waste incinerators, cement plants and power plants need good and reliable measurements of total gaseous mercury.

The measurement of total gaseous mercury (THg) is a challenge due to chemical reactions and contamination. The installed systems will often require a lot of maintenance still not giving reliable results.

The OPSIS System 400Hg DOAS system is different and provides an accurate analyser that will operate with a minimum of maintenance.

The OPSIS DOAS system is based on a non-contact method using an optical path. For the measurement of total gaseous mercury, the gases will pass a dry catalytic converter before entering into the optical path.

Besides the measurements of total gaseous mercury, the same analyser system can measure a large number of other gases required by legislation such as NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, NH3, H2O, HF, and HCl.

The system meets the European EN 15267 and other international standards.

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